Capital Two AG – German-based operating company introducing effective solutions for the FinTech industry in Europe. 

We work with the best and proven effective technologies, combining them into a service hub, covering a broad spectrum of everyday needs in terms of online banking and marketplace. We combine and tune the best mobile, banking, marketplace and communication tech into a single platform that serves the community and moves it forward.

1. Developing and launching a series of unique digital products, offering superb service quality for the German market.

2. Combining various finest digital technologies in order to create the next-level user experience and simplify a lot of things in the banking and services market.

3.  Focusing on meeting the needs of all the market participants: working out unique strategies that offer solutions for both Business and End Customers


Knowing that the online shopping market is growing throughout the entire western world, there’s not enough measures being taken in order to bring the process of acquiring goods and services online and with a solid variety of banking features, easily integrated into the shopping  process. 

We feel that evolving this part of everybody’s everyday life, building a better online infrastructure for the basic essentials we come to understand that simple things in life don’t have to be as complicated as they mostly are today, due to the lack of technology.