Super App

Big Idea of this Super App comes down to the fact that even though different people have different reasons for entering the Ecosystem, after they do – there’s really no reason for them to leave. Instead of turning to various and oftentimes not so efficient ways to try and simplify your day to day life, the true simplifier is already there – you’ve used it that one time you needed to get your haircut after the usual working hours, and turned to the marketplace of services feature of the App.

And now you find that it’s got all you need in terms of banking services: easy to get a credit line with 0% interest,  money transfers via multiple technological solutions – just choose the one that fits you better – and a full Personal Finance Management option, helping you to organize your spending and balance your incomes.

Use the Social Network and Messenger feature in order to easily  commute with shops and service providers and instantly  transfer money to them by simply clicking the button and using Card to Card or QR-code payment tech.