Capital 2 Bloggers

In 2020 the amount of German Instagram bloggers with 1 mln + subscribers hit the total number of 16 mln subscribers. Now that is the audience for bloggers with more than 1 mln subscribers, that only in Germany and that is only on Instagram. Considering the rapid dynamics of total subscriber growth throughout various social media platforms we come to understand that blogs are not the content providers of the future, but rather content providers of the present.

Different platforms used by bloggers offer different formats and terms for their work. That also concerns the ways of making a living: integrated into the content native ads, ads provided by the social media itself, or long term contracts with particular brands.

Capital 2 offers a social media feature providing a full spectrum of instruments for bloggers: news feed, photo and video content support,  easy-to-use messenger, likes, comments and everything required. But what’s unique is that we are offering bloggers an unlimited amount of advertisers from our Marketplace, who will target their potential audience in relevance with a particular blogger and get more and more clients.

Basically we are introducing a space where every blogger, no matter the amount of followers he has, can find advertisers willing to pay for a mention, a direct link or a native integration. And as with everything else with Capital 2 – we guarantee the payment instantly using our banking functions.