Capital 2 – Self-Emploers

More than 2 million self-employed people in Germany specializing in dozens of services are struggling to find extra work. Niche websites provide some support to the self-employed specialists but they don’t offer nearly enough clients requiring their services.

Subscribing to Capital 2 gives self-employed specialist access to hundreds of thousands clients who will pay for the services and, if needed, make the payment using a 0% interest credit line, provided by our platform. So for small businesses and self-employed specialists we are willing to offer prepaid customers who are desperate to get the service instantly and easily pay for it, using the banking features of the Platform. 


Capital 2 – GmbH

Same basic principle works for bigger businesses and GmbH like retailer chains, malls and major brands: subscription based simple access to hundreds of thousands prepaid customers easily paying for their purchases via Capital 2 payment services and using a credit line, rapidly multiplying the amount of sales.