Capital Two AG – Offering solutions for the FinTech industry in Europe

We work with the best and proven effective technologies, combining them into a service hub, covering a broad spectrum of everyday needs in the line of online banking and marketplace

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Capital 2 You

Apply for a 0% interest credit line up to 8 000 Euro, get your personal or business bank account with the ability to transfer money instantly via messenger and get access to a broad spectrum of PFM-functions and special features like QR-code payments.


Capital 2 Marketplace

Designed for a rich variety of needs constantly met in the modern urban lifestyle: house maintenance, online education, cosmetic and health, design, law and many others. All you have to do is pick the service provider that you like and schedule an appointment when it is convenient to you.


Capital 2 Business

If you are a freelancer or a working specialist searching for some extra work, we are here for you. Get your bank account with full PFM support and create a profile within our marketplace in order to get new clients, who need your service: house maintenance, online education, cosmetic and health, law, design and many others.

Capital 2 Bloggers

Capital 2 Bloggers – offering our own Social networking feature as a direct sales channel for bloggers. They can post content advertising particular service providers and brands, who operate inside Capital 2 Platform. Easy-to-get advertising contracts for bloggers with instant payments.


Downloads will be available very soon

Our application is under testing and will be available in November 2020