Capital 2 Marketplace – Services

Marketplace of services is dedicated to solving one of the most common problems in current everyday life in Germany – termin.

In 2020 still almost an entire german population faces that problem on the regular bases: having to schedule the simplest services and maintenance being done in weeks ahead. Doesn’t matter if you require an urgent dental appointment or need a cable fixed. Millions of Germans are waiting in lines for weeks, while hundreds of thousands specialists – freelancers or full-time employed – require extra work.

We give the customers a virtual space to find service providers, schedule an appointment using an in-App smart calendar, guarantee the transaction, leave feedback and suggest them to your friends. 

Capital 2 Marketplace – Goods

Marketplace of goods – giving a person excess to a broad spectrum of goods: clothing, electronics, furniture and other products all offered in the marketplace with an installment plan for a 0% bank interest. Subscribe to Capital 2 and forget about delaying  any purchases you need today using a credit line that has no commission.